The process of rejoining and realigning the edges of the broken bones is called as fracture repair. Fracture repair is always done by a surgeon, orthopedist or doctor. In few emergency cases, first aid is given for temporary realignment. Further, a proper medical supervision is needed.

Dr Dang, as a Best Trauma Surgeon in Jalandhar, opens up his views on type of fractures and its treatment. Fracture repair is necessary, if there is a chance for restoration and functioning of the broken bone. During the whole process of fracture healing, it is necessary that bones are firmly kept in correct position. In case the fracture is not healed properly, there is a chance for occurrence of malalignment in the bones that results in physical dysfunction of the bone or in the joints.

In the process of fracture repair, the bones are arranged and aligned closely to the normal position without any disturbance to the skin. It is applied by surgery, traction and immobilization of the bones.

The smaller bone fragments are aligned with metal wires or screws. When the end of broken bones settles, the area is kept stiff with a plaster cast, splint and brace. Also some implanted electrical devices that stimulates have proved to be helpful in curing the fracture where the fracture repair is not possible in other means.